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Patented Sensitive Nano-biosensor for DNA Hybridization Detection of Low Covid-19 Viral Concentrations in Saliva

Kiruthiga Ramakrishnan, Stephanie T N A Sackeyfio, Victor Ezike, Ewa Kirkor, Chengde Cui, Jason McCabe, Saion Sinha

Publishing Date: 17-12-2020


Review Article

Increased Doubling Time with Significant Recovery and Low Mortality from COVID-19 following Extended Lockdown: Implication for Development of Protective Immunity against SARS-CoV-2 in a Population

Prabir Chakravarty

Publishing Date: 04-09-2020


Research Article

Nervous System and Asterina Gibbosa Axial Organ: A Sea Star Lymphoïd Organ

Michel Leclerc

Publishing Date: 03-07-2020