Katalyst Publishing Group is an International Open Access Publishers publishes articles in Scientific and Technology. Articles accepted from the Scholars & Researchers from the Medical, Clinical, Engineering, Environmental and Biomedical Research. Katalyst Publishing Group encourages scholars by not charging publishing charges in-order to avoid takes only Membership so that the scholar can publish unlimited articles for the entire academic year. All the Articles include in regular and special Issue.

Once the scholar interested in Membership than he may displayed with his photograph and his research affiliation on the website for more views and citations to increase the readership.

Membership is different types:

Only Corresponding authors will be involved and he can add other colleagues, but mainly corresponding author name should be represented in all the articles in this it takes only USD $3000 for entire academic Year Institutional Membership: All the institute and Departmental articles can be published for the entire academic year. Once you take the Membership you need to display the institutional articles list for this it is just USD $8999.


Membership can also offer for one, Two and Three years as well Individual Membership for one year: USD $3000, Two years: USD $5500; For three years: USD $8000.

Institutional Membership For one year: USD $8999; For two years: USD $13119; For Three Years; USD $18000.

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