Article reprint is a copy of an article which is produced from the final PDF of the article.Article reprints from Katalyst Publishing group provide you a complete authority and quality of the original publication. We offer a reprint service for those requiring professional quality reproductions of articles. It can be a useful way to authors to promote their published work at conferences, seminars, and other promotional activities. Reprints are produced from the final PDF of the articles.

Reprints at Katalyst Publishing Group are available in the following types:
Author reprints: Author reprints are exclusively for the author’s personal, noncommercial use. Each article reprint is available with cover page of the journal.

The front cover of the Author Reprints consists of:

  • Publisher logo
  • Name/logo of the journal
  • Title of article and complete list of authors

Reprint Costs: The price of reprints depends on the number of reprints ordered.
100 Reprints – $700
200 Reprints – $1100

**Please note that the charges mentioned above are exclusive of shipping charges, additional handling and shipping charges will be added to your order.Shipping Services: Article reprints of Katalyst Publishing Group are shipped via Federal Express Standard service (FEDEX) and DHL service.

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